Santiago, the good loves at the end of the Way

They say that the greatest love stories are always a matter of will. With this same will, for more than a thousand years, millions of people have come to Santiago de Compostela at a crucial point in their lives, following a thousand-year-old route that is capable of changing those travelling along it.
On reaching the destination, in addition to its heritage, landscape, culture and cuisine, the city holds a well-kept secret: the recipe of good loves. And we want to share it with those who are seeking, initiating, celebrating, consolidating or reliving their relationship in a unique setting.

We will need ...

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ideal city  born from a miracle, with hundreds of inspiring streets, monuments and spots, whose beauty is contagious and moving.

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A Cathedral to which all Humanity makes a pilgrimage, churches with history, “pazos” (ancestral homes) and palatial halls for all kinds of ceremonies.

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Historical, designer, charming, gastronomic, rural, family hotels, in which to stay and celebrate.

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A table always served with the best Galician sea and farm produce, in more than a thousand establishments for all tastes.

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The eternal green of parks, stone viewpoints, rivers, hundred-year-old trees…

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A simple, riquiño(charming) lifestyle to enjoy a small, safe, humane and hospitable city, which is easy to understand and get around at any time of day.

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Numerous cultural events, traditional festivals, tours, art, wellbeing, nightlife, nature, adventure, relaxation and a lot to taste and buy.

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A paradisiacal rural and heritage setting: Atlantic beaches, Roman cities, forgotten monasteries, babbling rivers, stone villages…for one-day breaks and trips.

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A thousand years of hospitality and love for things well done, to offer you facilities and unforgettable experiences on the most important days of your lives.


Like the scent of roses that rises from the branches
on a morning in May, there are gentle loves
felt as they arrive, though they enter unseen
through the cherished door that the heart opens them
willingly, as in August
the flower opens in afternoon mist.
And without murmur or complaint, or tears, or tune,
soft and wistful, like the breath of angels,
they incarnate purely in us, move in our blood
and turn the barrens green in spirit wherever they abide.
Seek these loves, seek them,
if you have one who can give you love,
for those loves are all that’s lasting
in this fleeting life.

Rosalía de Castro, “New Leaves”

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